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Life Insurance Common Misconceptions


Many people delay, or even neglect the importance of getting a life insurance because of several false beliefs. Here are some of them. I am single and I do not need Life Insurance It is true that the most important determinant as to whether you need life […]

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Things to Consider in Getting a Life Insurance


Life insurance is designed to provide financial aid for your family in the event of your death. With the purpose of replacing your income if the unfortunate comes, it could be one of the most important financial purchases you will ever make in your life. Life insurance […]

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Introduction to Term Life Insurance


In choosing your life insurance policy, one of your major considerations is choosing between term life and permanent life insurance. Let’s take a look at what term life policy is. Term life insurance is designed to provide coverage for the insured within a predetermined time frame. Meaning, […]

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Protect Your Health with Critical Illness Insurance


What is Critical Illness Insurance? Critical illness insurance is a type of insurance coverage which is designed to provide financial support should the insured person be diagnosed with one of the critical illnesses included in the policy. The benefits may be structured to be paid out in […]

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What is Life Insurance?


Life insurance serves to provide financial support for one’s beneficiaries in the event of that person’s passing. A life insurance keeps the dependents of the insured person secured, providing cash support in the form of lump sum or regular income paid monthly. Important Terminologies Insured- this is […]

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